Organic biodegradable granulate for separating concrete products

When finished concrete products are separated layer by layer, plastic inserts such as nets or cords often result in high disposal costs and great annoyance – not to mention the environmental impact. WASA SMART FLAKES can help: This is an organic biodegradable granulate based on cellulose and wood that is 100 percent biodegradable. The stone layers can be separated for long enough, while the granulate breaks down in the soil after a certain time; as such, residual material in the ground under the construction site is no problem at all. 

WASA SMART FLAKES keep the layers of finished concrete products apart, allowing air to circulate between the individual layers. Moisture can escape, while efflorescence and stains on the stones are prevented. 
A series of scientific tests at IAB in Weimar confirm all requirements for use in concrete plants.