A vision comes to life.

Puskás Ferenc Arena: Our part in the new cladding for Budapest’s arena.


 A new look for the legendary Puskás Ferenc Stadium in Budapest. Our PRECAST project was to partially re-clad the arena – a large-scale project both metaphorically and literally. To create the striking facade elements, we produced liners measuring an impressive 7 x 2 meters.

1,800 kilograms per model mold

Due to the complex requirements, we chose flexible polyurethane molds to produce the concrete parts. At 1,800 kilograms each, the total weight of the molds was highly unusual. This was a major challenge in terms of model construction, raw materials, and handling, especially given the estimated budget.

Even metalwork included

The large number of displacement bodies and steel anchors within the casting mold meant that a specially developed steel frame was needed. Produced in house, the frame enabled assembly work beneath the model as well. A movable work platform was installed above the model to enable easy and contactless access to all areas.

A particular challenge

The specification called for the facade structure of the stairwells to be modeled after that of the old stadium. At the same time, however, it had to ensure the transmission of radio, television and cellphone signals into and out of the stadium with as little interference as possible. This was achieved by using a highly flexible PU mold to create a glass fiber-reinforced finished concrete part that had both the desired structure and high strength. 

Flexible molds meet high-performance concrete

Precisely matching individual elements that fit almost seamlessly into the stairwells: The joints between the elements were covered using concrete rings that also held them together. This combination of flexible molds and high-performance concrete plays a decisive role in the architecture of the stairwells and the appearance of the stadium.


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