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London Crossrail: How modern project planning methods made one of Europe’s largest construction projects a success.

A new 118 km rail network is intended to relieve the pressure on London’s infrastructure. Eight new tube stations are also being created. The Lindner Group is the contractor providing curtain wall facade panels made from glass fiber-reinforced concrete for the current section of construction at Bond Street station. We were tasked with producing the casting molds needed, and did so using state-of-the-art project planning: from sharing data via the cloud, to connecting everyone involved in the project, and even virtual 3D simulations for early defect detection and greater efficiency.

Highly-complex casting molds

A total of 86 basic types of panel in a wide variety of geometries were needed for the project’s facade. In order to produce the often highly-complex polyurethane casting molds for the facade elements, the standardized raw data for the components was provided to us in a data cloud for virtual modeling. 

From visualization to creation

Visualizing and creating 3D models is only one of our fields of expertise. The data on the assembly forms the basis for creating work plans and controlling milling units for manufacturing models. We use a CNC-controlled five-axle portal milling machine to produce the models.

Sanding and coating

The surfaces of the models are sanded after CNC milling. They are given a microfine coating to achieve a smooth and non-porous surface.

WASA PUR for large formats

The WASA PUR polyurethane system used was specially developed for large-format, self-standing molds. Thanks to its low viscosity and extended pot life of 30 minutes, the highly fluid two-component casting resin is extremely easy to use in open manual casting.

WASA PRECAST polyurethane molds with Shore A65 hardness have proven particularly well suited for three-dimensional components. 


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