Take a look behind the scenes: The new issue of concrete is here.

WASA is a byword for strong partnership and excellent standards in terms of both service and product quality. 

We give you an insight into our corporate culture and show you where we create WASA quality for you – every day.

Maximum performance – every minute of every hour of every day

Our production runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and at the highest level. Benefit from production boards which enable the creation of excellent concrete products.

Shortly before completion: the Neue Kanzlerplatz in Bonn 

This current large-scale project once again included the use of WASA PRECAST molds. Discover how WASA played a role in designing Bonn's new landmark.

Greatness comes in all shapes and sizes

Learn everything about WASA PRECAST – our new, large-format molds and liners made of high quality polyurethane.

Naturally inspired

With WASA WETCAST, we enable the automated and series manufacture of high-quality paving slabs in individual shapes and with unique surface structures. We develop a prototype completely in accordance with your wishes.


Remain strong under extreme loads: We offer top-quality production boards made from wood, composite materials, and glass fiber-reinforced plastic – the choice is yours.

Boards at a glance


Large-format liners and molds for even the most ambitious of projects – that is WASA PRECAST. Let your individuality and creativity run wild.

Precast at a glance


Exclusive and natural surface structures in impressive quality: We create large and small-format molds in the wet cast process adapted to your needs.

Wetcast at a glance



Production boards as the base for product quality

To meet the ever-increasing demands on quality and dimensional accuracy of all types of concrete blocks, there are various possibilities to improve the production processes.


Wetcast in its best shape

Wetcast is a very popular method for concrete goods production. Both simple and complex shapes and designs can be produced with this technique. The surface of Wetcast products is very special...


Unproblematic changeover from softwood to glass-fibre reinforced plastic production boards

Prefabricados La Romera S.L., a Spanish family-run company is based in El Padul, Andalusia, with a wealth of tradition. Since its beginnings in 1976, it has pursued two clear goals:......


Competence leadership – for sixty years

Our combination of determination, stamina and passion is what makes us successful. As the world market leader in production boards, we know that efforts to achieve unconditional quality and business success are not a contradiction in terms – not even in the fast-moving world of today. Even after more than sixty years, we are driven by a desire to improve our products for the benefit of our customers and to look for new paths all the time.