Via Darmstadt to Neubrunn and all around the world.

We have been active on the market for more than fifty years. In all that time, we have had just one goal in mind: to constantly improve and develop our products and service, to benefit our customers. What does it take to achieve this? Stamina, perseverance and a strong belief in new ideas. Discover our history – from a small business in Bielefeld to the world market leader for production boards.

The Walter Salje company is founded

The WAlter SAlje company is formed in Bielefeld to market production boards for the concrete block industry.

Renaming as WASA Unterlagsplatten GmbH

Heinz Bechtold becomes an Executive Partner and the company is renamed WASA Unterlagsplatten GmbH. With production and sales headquarters in Mossautal (Odenwald district) and in close collaboration with wood board producers in Germany and abroad, the company expands and enhances its experience and business relationships in the concrete block industry.

Joint Venture in the manufacture of hardwood boards

WASA enters into a joint venture with Kian Guan Timber in Singapore for the manufacture of underlay boards from hardwood. Kian Guan Timber produces wood boards from pure yellow balau until 2013, when the innovative WASA WOODPLAST® replaces the tropical hardwood boards.

Laying the foundation for plastic boards

Heinz Bechtold has the idea of producing production boards from recycled plastics. After promising initial trials and getting in touch with Duales System Deutschland (DSD) – then the main supplier of the plastic –, the foundation for production is laid.

Start of production of WASA UNIPLAST®

Production of all-plastic underlay boards begins following the purchase of a production site in Neubrunn (Thuringia). WASA UNIPLAST® triggers a revolution in the concrete block industry. Numerous experts and the latest production techniques come together to produce a board that verifiably remains extremely resistant over many years. Even today, the world’s largest plant for underlay boards achieves an unparalleled standard of production.

Expansion and new sales office

The innovative WASA UNIPLAST® has its finger on the pulse. As a real alternative to all known production boards, it spreads across the world. The lasting expansion allows the company to employ new staff and to set up a new sales office in Mossautal.

Additional Executive Partner

Peter Webel joins the WASA Group as an additional Executive Partner. Since then, he has ensured that production in Thuringia runs smoothly.

Takeover of competitor

WASA’s success continues. The company takes over its Dutch competitor Holzindustrie Hardenberg.

New production plants in Neubrunn

Four production plants for WASA UNIPLAST® are in operation in Neubrunn. From the manufacture of homogeneous plastic granules, production and precise quality control to the sophisticated logistics of outgoing goods and delivery to the customer, the new production site in Neubrunn is a pioneer in the industry. The facility is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on an industrial area of more than 70,000 m².

Expansion of wood board production in Neubrunn

Wood board production in Neubrunn needs expanding. A 3,000 m² hall is erected especially for this, equipped with the latest production technology. Several hundred boards leave the production facility every day, in verified quality.


WASA enters a new business field with the production of WETCAST molds from polyurethane. Customers can choose from a wide product range of different stone designs or contribute their own product ideas, which are implemented as WETCAST molds. Everything is done in-house at WASA – from the construction drawings and model construction in the plant’s own carpentry workshop to casting in the WETCAST mold.

WASA UNIPLAST® ULTRA conquers the market

WASA presents a new generation of all-plastic boards: WASA UNIPLAST® ULTRA. Reinforced with glass fibers, it makes the use of steel profiles on the inside or outside unnecessary, setting a new standard for underlay boards.

New service for even longer lifespans

A special service for customers of the WASA UNIPLAST®family: For the first time, a mobile grinding system gives concrete block producers the opportunity to regrind all-plastic boards that have been in use for many years. The result is a surface that is almost identical to that of a new board. WASA is the first in the world to offer this service, proving the company’s role as a pioneer once again.

Demand for WETCAST grows constantly

The demand for WETCAST molds is too great. Just two years after launch, the production line for cast resin production has to be expanded. From now on, WASA offers special carrier systems for the WETCAST molds, in which multi-cavity polyurethane molds are placed in carrier boards and can be filled with fully or semi-automated WETCAST machines. WASA UNIPLAST® ULTRA or WASA WOODPLAST®boards with twist-free plastic feet serve as carriers.


WASA presents its latest production board. WASA WOODPLAST® is an ideal cost-efficient solution halfway between WASA UNIPLAST® and WASA SOFTWOOD – thanks to its softwood core and extremely impact-resistant and unbreakable polyurethane layer. Additional C profiles on the front sides provide effective protection against damage in the board magazine.

Matthias Bechtold appointed new CEO

Heinz Bechtold resigns as CEO of the WASA Group with effect from December 31, 2011. He is replaced from January 1, 2012, by his son Matthias, who has been with the company since 2006. WASA thus remains in family hands. Heinz Bechtold remains with the company indefinitely as a consultant and co-partner.

WASA at BAUMA 2013 in Munich

In April 2013, WASA presents the latest developments in WASA WETCAST® at BAUMA in Munich.

New warehouse and production hall in Neubrunn

The ever-increasing demand means that WASA needs to grow. Another new hall is erected next to the existing warehouse and production hall at the production site in Neubrunn.

Takeover of Tecboard

A strategic step forward: WASA concludes an asset deal with Tecboard, taking over the competitor.

Change in legal form to WASA AG

WASA GmbH is now called WASA AG. At the same time, the company moves to its new administrative headquarters in Darmstadt. New staff are employed there and in Neubrunn.


For a quarter of a century already, the all-plastic board WASA UNIPLAST® have pleased WASA customers globally. From 1990 until today, more than 3,8 millions of boards have been sold.

Sönke Tunn being appointed Authorized Officer

Sales Manager Sönke Tunn gets individual procuration for WASA AG.


WASA enhances its Wetcast product range and starts offering matrices for hermetic presses.

New appearance on website and trade shows

WASA presents itself with a complete relaunch on the bauma in Munich. At the same time the new website goes online.

Dr.-Ing. Arno Schimpf completes the executive board

Dr.-Ing. Arno Schimpf completes the executive board and becomes managing director, responsible for the production of boards and WETCAST molds.

New business unit WASA ACCESSORIES

New established WASA ACCESSORIES is now featuring polyurethane-coated wear parts, for example latches.

Investment in additional systems engineering

WASA invests 1,5 Mio EUR in expansion of the production for WASA UNIPLAST® ULTRA.

New business unit WASA PRECAST

WASA enters the precast sector and starts selling large-sized molds, too. First projects are London Cross Rail and the Puskás-Ferenc-stadium in Budapest.

60 years of WASA

WASA celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Major project in Neuer Kanzlerplatz, Bonn

The facade of the “Neuer Kanzlerplatz” construction project in Bonn – comprising two residential complexes and a 28-story-high office tower – is realized using WASA PRECAST molds.

New production line for WASA WOODPLAST® 

WASA invests around €3 million in the new manufacturing facility for WASA WOODPLAST®.